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Gym mats are a crucial, essential piece of exercise equipment. Gym mats help protect your entire workout from slipping, whether you’re concentrating on cardio, muscle mass, resistance training, flexibility, or endurance. Using gym mats will help you stay safe from serious injuries and ensure that your landings are correct during your training.

When compared to large training machines and equipment, fitness accessories may appear to be quite simple, yet they can be just as efficient at toning key muscles, increasing flexibility, or actually helping you relax and prepare your body for both your workout and its cooldown. A thorough exercise plan requires the use of fitness gear. Yoga balls, scales, gym mats, vibrations machines, and inverting tables are crucial fitness equipment. Gotta keep up with and keep track of your daily training routine in order to reach your fitness objectives!

We have all you need if you want to improve your fitness. Here you can purchase fitness accessories. We provide a large selection of fitness accessories made to enhance your training. Never before has worked out at home been so simple.

We provide a large selection of exercise gear that may turn your home into a personal gym! When you choose to exercise at home with your own gym and workout equipment, you may check off the workout, gas, and other expenses.

Training for gymnastics just got serious

A great bodyweight training item for athletes of all skill levels and from any discipline are the gymnastic parallel bars. No exercise is as effective in boosting strength, muscle control, coordination, and balance as bodyweight training. You can lift, throw, drag, and carry as many objects as you wish. The Parallel Bars -1580 have a top height of 1580 mm and are made of premium Australian steel with an exclusive powder coating for a polished look and great feel.

The usage of the gymnastic parallel bars allows for a wide variety of exercises, including incline moves, chest and pec dips, L-sits, hip tucks, and hand balances, as well as a demanding workout for everyone. The Parallel Bars project will support your current exercise regimen to aid in the development of your quads, chest, waist, hips, and shoulders.

Look for the “Australian Made and Owned” symbol on all goods. The gymnastic parallel bars are designed and produced in Australia. They are produced directly here on the Gold Coast with cutting-edge machinery and the most recent 3D modelling software to ensure that they are the best items on the market. Our Australian-made items come in a range of colours; for example, look at the 13 selected colour swatches above. Contact us if you want custom colours. Please contact us if you need a more precise timetable.

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