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Trees are as much as of the living beings as any other form of beings like humans or animals. This is the reason that they must be treated with utmost care. Trees are one such naturally occurring element that has been in use of mankind since ancient times. People have been making different products with wood obtained from trees like paper work, furniture items; hand tools and so on. Besides that; trees can predict the upcoming changes that might occur in climate. Trees are one such kind of living beings which live the longest and never gets old. Another thing about trees is that they must be taken care of and analysed at least once or twice a year. There are special experts who have qualified in examining and assessing the trees closely. They know when is the right time to cultivate them, to manage them and to get rid of them. There are times when the trees become hazardous for other individuals or for the property. In this article; we will be discussing about the report that is prepared to avoid such hazardous factors. We will be discussing about the five basic rule of tree hazard assessment.

The basic rules of tree hazard assessment:

Tree hazard assessment is the process of closely examining the condition of trees and then preparing a report in which the situation of the tree is clearly stated. There are different levels of the assessment of trees. In first level; tree is observed with the help of small tools but as the level reaches higher, trees are observed and analysed even more closely. The purpose of this assessment is to make sure that tree won’t be of any risk to the human lives or the property where it is planted. Some basic rules are applied in the making of the tree assessment. These rules include the identification of the possible risks and to conclude that what possible harms it can bring. After the evaluation of the risks, precautions to save from such situations are written down. Then the ways to implement them are recorded and final record is prepared.

Level 5 arborist:

Arborists as we know are the qualified experts who are well aware of handling the trees. They know how to well manage and cultivate them.  There are levels of arborists as per their advancements or expertise. One such level is known as level five. The level five arborists are extra qualified and knows everything about tree related things. They have the license to cut, to remove or to protect tree from being cut down.


Trees are the most sincere friends of human beings which have been in use by mankind since ancient times. There are level 5 arborists who are well qualified in this field. You can get your tree hazards assessed from “Naturally trees”.

The Basic Rules Of Tree Hazard Assessment

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